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COVID-19 test results and a signed doctor flying certificate available within 12-48 hours

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PCR Swab Test

Doctor Signed Certificate

Results in 12-48 Hours

Fit To Fly Testing – Every day during the current Covid-19 pandemic, travel restrictions are changing. Many places are demanding you have a PCR swab test before flying into the country, with several wanting a ‘fit to fly certificate’ signed by a doctor to prove you have been tested by an approved laboratory and that you are not carrying the virus.
By insisting on a COVID PCR Test for all passengers, airlines can reduce the spread of the virus during flights and countries that you are travelling to know that you are virus-free.

Whether or not the country you are flying to insists on a fit to fly certificate, you may want to get tested for your own peace of mind, in most cases, you will need to have the COVID test within 3 to 5 days of flying, with results guaranteed to arrive with you in 12-48 hours of testing and dispatch*.

COVID 19 Swab Test

PCR COVID-19 Travel Test

The PCR Travel Test at the Covid Medical Screening Clinic tests for current COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) infection using a throat and nasal swab.

We guarantee your results from an accredited lab in 12-48 hours* with a doctor certified fit to fly test certificate.

We can also arrange for a doctor or medical staff member to travel to your address or office for a COVID test if more convenient or a family or group requires testing.

This COVID test is recommended if you intend to fly out of the country but can also be used for employee screening or personal reassurance.

Our Steps Are Simple

  • Covid Test - Step 1


    Call or email us to book an appointment that suits you.


    Our medical team will perform a quick painless thorough mouth and nasal swab test.


    We aim to get your COVID PCR swab test results back in 12-48 hours*.


Patient Feedback

I have just received my results and fit to fly certificate via email. I am due to fly in 2 days time to Cyprus. I am very happy with the quick turnaround.

Phil Jepson

I have just received my results and fit to fly certificate via email. I am due to fly in 2 days time to Cyprus. I am very happy with the quick turnaround.

Paul Pearce

I have just received my results and fit to fly certificate via email. I am due to fly in 2 days time to Cyprus. I am very happy with the quick turnaround.

Steven Bain
Covid 19 Virus

The Corona (COVID 19 Virus)

This is not a photograph, but rather an illustrated visualization of the microscopic coronavirus but in real life under high microscope magnification, the virus particle would appear black and various shades of grey and white. It is shown in colour here just to high light the Viruses like the coronavirus that causes COVID are not living as such and they can’t replicate on their own.

They invade cells in the bodies of animals, including humans, and take over — making people sick. The hijacked host cells then reproduce the virus.

The grey surface is the envelope that surrounds the nucleus of the virus and contains genetic material.

The orange fragments are “membrane proteins,” or M proteins, the most abundant structural protein in the virus and one that gives it form. These and other proteins vary from one type of virus to another and can be used to help understand or identify one virus from another.

The yellow particles are envelope proteins, they play an important role either in regulating virus replication, such as virus entry and subsequent assembly and release.

The red protuberances are clumps of proteins the virus uses to attach to and then entry into the human cell where they multiply, they are much more effective than previous Coronaviruses at adhering to human cells, they create the effect of a halo, or corona, around the virus, hence its name ‘Coronavirus’.



What is a PCR Test?

PCR is a laboratory-based test that uses a throat/nasal swab sample to detect RNA related to coronavirus.

Why do I need a PCR test to travel?

Government regulations dictate that you can not leave the country if you match one of the following criteria:

  • You currently have the virus
  • You have had the virus recently
  • You may have had the virus
  • You have been in contact with someone who matches one of the above criteria

Our COVID tests are recognised for travel and you will be emailed the results within 36-48 hours of your sample being received at the lab.

When should I book the COVID test?

Once your swab has been collected, it is sent to our CQC government registered lab. The lab will process the sample and email your results within 48 hours. If urgent a test can be carried out at your home or office and the result can be processed withing 24 hours or the same day by prior arrangement.

Most operators require that tests are carried out within 3-5 days of travel, so we recommend that this is factored in when choosing a date and time for your booking.

Will I get a fit-to-fly- certificate?

We will provide your results via email if your COVID results come back negative a medical doctor will sign a fit to fly certificate for you via email. You can use this email to prove the date and outcome of your test.

Is your lab regulated?

Yes, we use a CE approved / Government registered and approved laboratory UKAS accredited to ISO 1591-2012 standards and US CLIA certified.

How reliable is the COVID test?

The test has a greater than 99.9% accuracy regarding both sensitivity and specificity.

Where is your clinic?

We have clinics across the North West.
If you cannot travel to these locations we can arrange for a medical personnel to come and undertake a home or office visit where a test can be performed or dispatch one by post.

What if the test comes back positive?

If you receive a positive result, this means that you are currently infected with COVID-19, and you could pose a risk to others around you. Therefore, you should self-isolate immediately, and inform those you have been in contact within the last 7 days in case this result affects them.

If you would like further information on what you should do if you receive a positive result, you should visit or contact the NHS on 111.

Which countries can I travel to?

The countries to which you can currently travel and their respective regulations are continuously evolving. We recommend that you visit the Government webpage which is kept up to date with the latest information and developments.

How much does the COVID 19 Swab Test and fit to fly certificate cost?

The price for the COVID-19 swab test and fit to fly certificate is .
For this we offer a Government recognised test with a Doctors certified fitness to fly certificate with a rapid turn round with a 7 day a week service. There may possibly be cheaper lab tests but we offer a reliable personalised service.

* Whilst we endeavour to undertake the tests and provide the results in the above time frame and indeed do in the vast majority of cases, we are always dependent on the swabs being taken at the appropriate time, transport and lab testing function, hence there is always a very small risk that the above criteria could be breached.

** Tests undertaken on a Saturday and Sunday may not be tested until Monday

We cover the whole of the UK and by special arrangements, countries outside the UK. We have clinics across the whole of the North West UK.
Contact us today and we can give you the best rates during January 2022 for our PCR COVID Swab test and fit to fly certificate.

Countries that require a negative Covid-19 test to enter

Austria Fit To Fly Certificate
Cyprus Fit To Fly Certificate
Czech Republic Fit To Fly Certificate
Estonia Fit To Fly Certificate
Germany Fit To Fly Certificate
Iceland Fit To Fly Certificate

Check this page for the latest information regarding requirements to fly into the above countries.

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